#22422 Intense Icy-Clear Petalite
Intense Icy-Clear Petalite
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This is a sort of parallelogram, 0.8 oz, 1.175” by 1” by 0.8” petalite from Brazil. She is very clear and every bit resembles an icy chunk, right out of the freezer. Her sides are finely etched and although she isn’t terminated, she is healed all over! This is a rare, large size and her energy is definitely intense!

Petalite is a powerful lithium-containing crystal and like the lithium quartzes, has the ability to release stress and ‘heavy’ feelings. She allows you to slough off the shackles of depression, lifting your mood and instilling a peaceful calm. In this state, you are fully opened to the angelic realms and the incredible level of energy in them. She permits focus and clarity in a manner that applies your soul's intention to every act. She will carry you to heights you have never been before, typifying the very angelic presence she has. She is a very unique and wonderful petalite! As petalite is relatively soft, she will need a little protection if stashed in your pocket. Wrap her in a piece of silk and place under your pillow for a wondrous night's sleep!

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Intense Icy-Clear Petalite

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