#22445 Thin Solstice Air White Amphibole Quartz Cluster with Abundant Epidote
Thin Solstice Air White Amphibole Quartz Cluster with Abundant Epidote
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This is an opalescent and glowing 12.1 oz amphibole quartz cluster from Pakistan measuring 4.45” by 3” by 3”. The inclusions are a collection of fibrous minerals: tremolite, actinolite and polygorskite which sometimes look like long strands and others, like cotton puffs. She is a silky single crystalline cluster of soft, silky, creamy white that totally fills her up to a short space where she clears into the terminations. She glows with that special light that you can only see at the dawn of Winter Solstice when the yang shifts to yin and introspection of winter takes over. Her quartz crystals meld at the base into a forest of dark green epidote crystals deepening the image of a winter dawn.She would love to grace your altar or meditation spaces.

I have to say that the energy from these crystals is beyond belief! The opening you feel in the Crown Chakra is astounding – simply astounding! This is a spectacular high-energy crystal of the first order – beyond phenacite, beyond Herkimer diamonds, beyond Himalayan quartz, as if she seizes your physical being and your core Self to deftly sweep it into one huge energy spiral! You genuinely feel a complete shift of consciousness, building steadily and surging in waves so that the energy doesn’t cause problems. She still has an earthy feel, provided by the epidote, helping to relate this shift to physical expression. Epidote is highly protective, energetic and loving, stimulating your sense of being and self-worth so that you experience an overall robust personal power and enhancing dreams and dream recall. The two crystalline species work together to both allow you to soar high, yet remain grounded. With the dramatic changes that are sweeping the Earth at this time, she is one to assist in making sense of it all. This one is definitely a premier Spirit in the order of Master Crystals.

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Thin Solstice Air White Amphibole Quartz Cluster with Abundant Epidote

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