#22447 Unique Miriam Stone (aka Calligraphy Stone) Palm Stone
Unique Miriam Stone (aka Calligraphy Stone) Palm Stone
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Miriam stone is a jasper that originates from The Himalayans in India and goes by a number of names including calligraphy stone, elephant skin jasper, Coquina jasper, cobra jasper, etc. No matter the name, this is a very unusual Spirit,1.4 oz and 1.85” by 1.3” by 0.55”. She is beautifully polished and really shows the fossil features of shell, bones and flora. Each stone is unique and the messages are as unique as the display. The colors are milk chocolate brown with golden ochre “letters”. Every angle holds a special message awaiting deciphering. She will totally fascinate you and draw you into her mystery!

Miriam Stone fosters dreaming, creativity and enlightenment. If you are feeling a block in creativity, she will help you get back your mojo. If you are seeking Spiritual awakening, you will receive messages providing paths. If you are lost in a dream, she will help you find meaning. This is a wondrous Spirit for the Searcher and the Dreamer in all of us!

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Unique Miriam Stone (aka Calligraphy Stone) Palm Stone

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