#22451 Altar-Sized Sparkling, Ethereal Mystic Elestial Smoky Aracuai Quartz with Enhydro
Altar-Sized Sparkling, Ethereal Mystic Elestial Smoky Aracuai Quartz with Enhydro
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This is an old stock, sparkling and ethereal quartz from Aricuai, Brazil. There is a layered and mystical quality about her that is almost beyond belief. She is a 2 lb 9 oz, 5.6” by 3.9” by 2.6” glossy, smoky elestial. Her surfaces have varied and wonderful glyphs, molded into her sides and faces.Truly, you will be astounded by the reading material on her as every side and every face tell a story! Rainbows flash inside and with a loupe, you will see a nice enhydro. It’s circled in white in two photos and is immobile, so may be hard to see without a loupe. Her crystals are arranged in magnificent towers and layers with healed base … she may have been a scepter crown at one time but it’s hard to tell for sure. She is mysterious and yet forthright … evocative and yet direct. She has a small ding to one termination, but none have an impact on her spectacular energy or her soft beauty – she is perfect for your very special altar!

These Aricuai elestials are so varied and so mysterious. These layered ones are like crystalline roses, unfolding crystalline petal by crystalline petal, gradually revealing the depths of their Soul to their Keeper. She deftly illustrates to her Keeper that exposing the Core is critical to having others accept you for who you are. Make no mistake – this does not mean blurting things out to the world of people who will think you’re nuts. It merely means being a gentle demonstration of Self-security. If you’re comfortable in your own skin, others see it and allow you that expression. As you hold this Spirit between your two palms with her Soul touching the palm meridians, know that you are also part of a continuity – it is your birthright and your role. And in that knowing, further know that you are to become … luminous!

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Altar-Sized Sparkling, Ethereal Mystic Elestial Smoky Aricuai Quartz with Enhydro

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