#22454 Banded Russian Shungite Sphere - Miracle Rock
Banded Russian Shungite Sphere - Miracle Rock
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This is a 5.1 oz, 1.8” in diameter sphere of shungite from Karelia, Russia. She has a wonderful polish that is not as intense as polished hematite, but black and with faint variations of her black on black color. A thin (and tactile) white band makes her equator and there are daily lightning-like marks as well … also tactile. Apologies as the pictures do not do her justice - black is the most difficult color to photograph. The sphere comes with a small plastic stand and she isn’t perfectly smooth … I really love the sensations of the subtle texture though. She is wondrous!

Shungite is a relatively new discovery … a natural fullerene or “buckyball”. These were discovered in the late 1980s and have been the subject of many experiments; prior to that time, no one had known that carbon could take on a circular crystalline form. Now, keep in mind that when you find shungite in the natural state, it appears amorphous, meaning that there is no apparent crystalline structure. On a very microscopic level, the molecules are spherical and rather resemble a soccer ball. For a discussion of the chemistry, check the Wikipedia. Truly, it is as fascinating energetically as it is chemically!

Shungite has often been called the “Miracle Rock” and for good reason. It has a tremendous affinity for processing negativity and has been shown through testing to remove all harmful things from water for instance and many are sold for that purpose. In humans, experiments show that it slows the growth and advancement of both cancer and AIDS, reduces radioactivity in the environment, is an anti-inflammatory and antihistamine and absorbs electromagnetic radiation from power lines. Shungite is successfully being used in medicine, ecology, agriculture, water supply, metallurgy, energetics, chemical and construction industries. However on an etheric level, shungite pulls out that same negativity in your aura, your environment, in your life … and transmutes it. I am amazed – truly amazed – at what this amazing material does! I love the sphere form of it since that, for me, mimics the molecular structure. If anything is close to magical, this Sprit truly is and is a must-have for anyone!

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Banded Russian Shungite Sphere - Miracle Rock

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