#22486 Sacred Palm-Sized Blue Dumortierite Frosted Quartz Cluster
Sacred Palm-Sized Blue Dumortierite Frosted Quartz Cluster
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This is a palm-sized, frosted, “blushed” smoky quartz cluster from Brazil and when I unwrapped this shipment, immediately, her sacredness touched me deeply. She is an 5.2 oz and 4” by 1.8” by 1.4” with completely healed and drused base. The rich blue color of included dumortierite lines the edge base and is infused druse covering the base! The wave of energy created when the cluster is resting on the palm is simply stunning! A loupe reveals all of the her crystalline delights! She is in excellent condition and you won’t be able to get enough of her energies!

As I work with her, my crown Chakra is highly activated and waves of energy likewise pulses in the Third Eye. There is a general sense of new clarity and a shifting of the movement of energy through all the Chakras. She is wondrous for lucid dreaming … and importantly, remembering what those dreams are and what they mean. She is all about higher thought and the ability to achieve altered states, including astral projection. I am absorbing this knowledge as she dictates to me … to her Keeper, she will impart much more. This is a go-to crystal cluster, perfect for your special altars, grids, meditations and dreams! She is beyond sacred!

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Sacred Palm-Sized Blue Dumortierite Frosted Quartz Cluster

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