#22489 Shades of Peach and Russet DT Amphibole Quartz with Epidote
Shades of Peach and Russet DT Amphibole Quartz with Epidote
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This is a somewhat humble-looking 5 oz DT elestial amphibole quartz from Pakistan, measuring 3” by 1.6” by 1.4”. She is an amphibole quartz meaning that she is included with a collection of fibrous minerals: tremolite, actinolite and polygorskite which sometimes look like long strands and others, like cotton puffs. She is twinned and glossy on four sides with an elestial lower termination. She is twinned and one of the twins is also twinned! Inside the crystal, she is peach with areas of included epidote and on two sides, there is a bit of secondary growth (which gives her that bit of humbleness) that is russet. There are a few areas where deep green epidote has caused growth interference and given the crystal a slight curve. The pictures show it better than I can describe in words. Her faces are well glyphed and she is mysterious, yet forthcoming … an awesome and energetic companion! There are a few small dings but she is otherwise exceptional!

This Spirit is absolutely wonderful – as soon as I picked her up, I could feel a stream of energy, flowing from my Crown Chakra – if you can picture a cosmic water fountain, that’s how it felt! And all the crystals within this grouping seemed to share, blend and augment the energies of the individual. I have never experienced that feeling before with another crystal! And, when you consider how she is able to move energy, she is without a doubt, a Master Crystal. Think about it – all those fibers inside gather energy and channel it. I worked with her a bit and found that what she does is perfectly align, tune and charge every Chakra plus activate the ones outside the immediate energy field. And frankly, in these times, alignment, tuning, and charging is important to accommodate the dramatic change we are witnessing.

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Shades of Peach and Russet DT Amphibole Quartz with Epidote

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