#22498 Wintery Silver Topaz with a Bit of Albite
Wintery Silver Topaz with a Bit of Albite
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This wintery-looking 1.5 oz topaz is 1.55” by 0.9” by 0.8” and comes from Medina, Brazil. She is partially etched in areas and grooved, but in spite of first impressions, she is terminated all over. Her color is a lovely silver-white and she is accented with bits of creamy snow-like albite and a few little patches of golden healer. With a loupe, you’ll also see a few little rods of black tourmaline, her shy rainbows and her neat, but tiny, topaz record keepers! She is spectacular in every way and you will spend many hours exploring her wonders – she is as awesome energetically as she is rare and beautiful!

Silver topaz is often referred to as the Stone of Potential. She promotes success and manifestation when directed toward the highest good of all, as well as her Keeper. In the process, she stimulates creativity and individuality, replacing negativity with love and joy. Her golden healer adds important healing effects. The overall energy is smooth and cool like a waterfall spilling over you on a hot summer’s day. After a few minutes in her “waters”, you are filled with and exhilaration and vibrancy that fills your Self. What a feeling! She is one that you will want to place wherever you spend a lot of time. In fact, she could easily be wore-wrapped in silver for you to wear as a crystalline friend!

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Wintery Silver Topaz with a Bit of Albite

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