#22554 Awesome Polished Rescued Rosie Quartz with Rainbow, Butterfly
Awesome Polished Rescued Rosie Quartz with Rainbow, Butterfly
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This is a wonderful polished quartz crystal that is extremely clear save for a few mists and a bit of chlorite at the base. She is 4 oz, 2.65” by 1.5” by 1.1” from Brazil and is actually a Rescued Rosie that was totally polished until no color remained but she has other attributes. Her color expresses itself, however, as delightful rainbows that appear as you turn her in the light! Opposite that rainbow is a totally cool silver shield arch that wonts studying with a loupe to see the teeny crystals along it as well as the butterfly over it! TOO COOL! When my supplier was visiting his supplier in Brazil, he noticed this pile of damaged tangerose crystals that were headed for uncertain futures, so my supplier suggested that these be polished! What a perfect solution as these amazing quartz have SO much to offer and with their energies restored, they are truly extraordinary! My dear friend, Jenny, calls the tangerose quartz, ‘Rosies’, and these Spirits are then ‘rescued Rosies’, wonderfully recovered and transformed – human and crystal, working together! She is truly exceptional and will bring her Keeper much joy!

I am amazed by the brilliant, yet ancient energies emanating from this Spirit. In the course of healing, whether physical, emotional or Spiritual, changes are necessary. And sometimes those changes require external intervention to ‘fix’ the critical physical manifestations. This ‘buys’ time so that the underlying emotional or Spiritual root cause can be addressed and realigning the balance of the total Self. By virtue of her own journey, this Spirit touches a cord deep within your soul that joins you to All That Is, instilling a deep sense of belonging. Her rainbows show you of the myriad of colors of expression held within – an infinite array made from a blend of but seven colors. You are embraced in every sense by a sweetness and freshness that renews the Spirit and heals the Self. During meditation several summers ago, I perceived a color to the Earth’s aura that I called ‘resin’ – it was a honeyed rose with a fragrance of tuberose or honeysuckle.The color and the odor were defined together – you couldn’t sense one without the other. And this Spirit is of that vibration – to work with this Spirit is to know the Earth in all its intimate stages, including the visitors from the stars. Your time is now and you are the Keeper he will share his secrets with …

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Awesome Polished Rescued Rosie Quartz with Rainbow, Butterfly

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