#22560 Colorful Slightly-Smoky Citrine Quartz Hosting a Rainbow of Tourmaline
Colorful Slightly-Smoky Citrine Quartz Hosting a Rainbow of Tourmaline
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This tourmaline on quartz looks somewhat humble until you pick it up and brightly light it and it is a veritable rainbow of colors … pink, green, yellow-green, watermelon, teal, pink, mauve and peachy-yellow with a dabbling of mauve lepidolite! A loupe and a bright light are musts! She is 12.8 oz and 3.75” by 2.8” by 2.4” and is from São José da Safira, Brazil, part of the famed Minas Gerais district. São José da Safira is in the pegmatite region, rich in tourmalines, pegmatite, albite and lepidolite. The quartz base is slightly smoky citrine and on one area, you can see Lemurian lines of what used to be a side. There are healed areas as well. There are rods of beautiful various colors of tourmaline tourmaline accented by cascades of yellow-leaning-towards-peach tourmaline! Truly, the loupe is the best way to explore the intricacy and color of this fabulous display! She is in excellent condition and will make a magnificent personal meditation piece!

The energy in this Spirit is deep and forcing you to face memories and events that you “buried” within long ago – and often these memories are very unpleasant which is why they are buried. They are not forgotten or gone and they will emerge in very different ways. Sometimes, it’s a news story or a similar event or a relative coming for a visit. Other times, it has a physical manifestation in the form of debilitating disease or psychological issue. The key issue here is that as well as you thought it was “buried” … it isn’t and sooner or later, you must deal with it, no matter how unpleasant. The risk is that if you don’t, this block will remain in your Chakras, lifetime after lifetime and the events will recreate until you delve into them and release the issue.

All that said, this is a wonderful Spirit for assisting with just that, but her pink and green aspects lighten the load, allowing you to work in a more loving manner so that the release isn’t as abrupt or extreme. Her teal speaks to the Throat Chakra so you can speak your truth. Her mauve is ethereal and allows expansion of the higher Chakras. Her golden aspects cleanse the lower Chakras so that you don’t carry them physically. Issues rise and one by one, play to your psyche so that you can finally resolve them. This isn’t an instantaneous process, but one that will take time, patience and plenty of loving assistance from your crystalline friend. She wants to help and together you can free the limitations on your own Spiritual growth!

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Colorful Slightly Smoky Citrine Quartz Hosting a Rainbow of Tourmaline

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