#22561 Distinctive, Brilliant Quartz with Goethite Needles, Student
Distinctive, Brilliant Quartz with Goethite Needles, Student
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This is a brilliant and unusual quartz from Pakistan, 2.8 oz and 2.35” by 1.5” by 0.95” with a slanted and healed base and a side student adjoining the base. She has exceptional clarity and her Lemurian lines are gently expressed. All of the faces bear an abundance of subtle glyphs and inside are numerous needles of black goethite creating thick band through her middle! To the side, you can see that there is a healed contact area with some golden healer and evidence of a bit of growth interference. Shy rainbows flash smiles at you as you turn her in the light … use a loupe to fully appreciate the display. There are some very tiny dings, but otherwise, she is in excellent condition and a very stunning Spirit!

This unique Spirit is a personal power crystal. She is filled with loving energies that will both delight and astound her new Keeper. Place your fingers along the Lemurian lines and gently rub the ridges. Ask permission to enter, and then allow your mind to float deep into the crystal. Feel the energy that was uniquely Lemurian and know the purity of Power that rises from within the Spirit when it is One with the Earth, with the Universe and with Itself. This Power is the only true Power because it emanates from Love and is selfless. And this is the Power the Earth needs now. This truly is what the Light Worker aspires to and this Spirit will assist with the attainment.

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Distinctive, Brilliant Quartz with Goethite Needles, Student

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