#22573 Light of the Ancients Kosovo Quartz Scepter
Light of the Ancients Kosovo Quartz Scepter
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This is a fabulous, fascinating, rare and slightly smoky quartz scepter from Kosovo, 1.6 oz and 2.75” by 1.2” by 1.1” with sort of an ice cream cone to torch shape. His faces are covered with subtle glyphs and the sides of the rod below the scepter crown are keyed in areas and “stepped” in others. It was hard to photograph but there is kind of a cloudy phantom in the termination as well as Lemurian lines on the crown’s sides. Two darker smoky areas, almost like “hot spots” feature inside the rod. He has a few tiny dings, but otherwise, he is in excellent condition and ready to enlighten you meditations … or to travel in your pocket.

This Spirit glows with a light that seems to rise from within, ancient and wise. He has a gentleness to his energy that seems to fulfill the Self, allowing the manifestation of the most brilliant of expressions. He is indeed for a Light Worker coming into Self power and dealing with the intense issues associated with the feelings. He helps his Keeper understand power that matters: power of Self, power of Now and power of the All That Is. With the base understanding of the interrelatedness of it all, there is a completion and deep comprehension of role. He is beyond a doubt a power crystal and a treasure beyond value.

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Light of the Ancients Kosovo Quartz Scepter

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