#22575 Lively and Lovely Peach Lovestar Quartz - Trigonic
Lively and Lovely Peach Lovestar Quartz - Trigonic
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This lively and lovely beauty is 9 oz and measures 3.8” by 2.2” by 1.8” … and is sort of an ice cream cone shape and a delicious peach color. She has a lightbrary of students around four sides, glittering as the light catches their faces. Remaining sides and faces are matte and cream-colored with a DT quartz inlay and a bit of calcite in the crevices. Her gorgeous coloring arises from included hematite that gives marvelous grounding energies. Her faces host wonderful glyphs, some deeply etched, and include trigonic record keepers and she has a general generator termination. These have been called Atlantean lovestars because it is said that these crystals grew like flowers in the Atlantean gardens. They are also called candle quartz, getting the name from the look of the crystals … like candle drippings down the side. No matter what you can her, she is glorious and definitely says “I LOVE DESSERTS”! She has some very tiny dings that in no way interferes with her energy that is a s beautiful as she is!

I love the name “Lovestar” as that’s exactly how she feels – like you are totally draped in her deep, gentle and abiding love. She teaches that true love starts from within and with a love of Self. If we truly love ourselves, we totally accept who and what we are. It is not that we resist improvement, but improvements are done in a loving and Spiritual manner, rather than a deliberate “course correction” type manner. Like the many sparkling points, we radiate this love outward, making it available for all to see. Now, this isn’t a vain and selfish love, but rather a Self-less one. She is a beautiful Spirit who will help you realize your own beauty and express it with all the love in the world! She helps you to be more “real” about relationships and not get carried away with only emotion.

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Lively and Lovely Peach Lovestar Quartz - Trigonic

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