#22578 Pale Apricot Dancing Angel Hair Tangerine Rutile Quartz
Pale Apricot Dancing Angel Hair Tangerine Rutile Quartz
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These crystals are totally amazing and I’ve not seen them offered anywhere else on the internet! They aren’t a tangerine quartz that gets its color from hematite, but rather they are a clear quartz that is filled with a tangerine-colored rutile (that is a pale apricot in her case) that swirls and whirls like dancing angel hair. Now, when people call rutile in quartz ‘dancing angel hair’, it’s generally an optical illusion in a carved piece, like a sphere, as the rutile doesn’t bend. Well, this rutile is hair-like and fine and really seems to have movement. Her clarity allows you to study the rutile well! Her sides hold fascinating starbrary glyphs and you will absolutely go ga-ga when you study her with a loupe. She is 1.3 oz of Brazilian loveliness and is1.6” by 1.2” by 0.9”. Her base is healed as is the ding to one side and her teeny remaining dings are of no concern at all.

This sweetie is passion personified. This is not going to get x-rated, but rather more in the line of a muse. She rekindles all the love and joy that you had for doing things, whether work or hobby or even something you’d like to take up. I think we’ve all heard singers who are technically brilliant, but there’s something about them that doesn’t work. And then you have a singer whose voice is far from perfect, but there’s so much feeling in their voice that tears well in your eyes. The difference is the passion. It’s that perfect blend of the love in your heart with the translation into physical expression. When the blend is balanced, there is such an amazing result – everything you do takes on a different timber, vibration and delight! She is more than a muse; she unites you with all the love you have inside, awaiting the right time, place, person and channel … she is ready … are you?

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Pale Apricot Dancing Angel Hair Tangerine Rutile Quartz

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