#22586 Rare Oval Agni Mani Tektite, Pearl of the Divining Fire
Rare Oval Agni Mani Tektite, Pearl of the Divining Fire
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This is a 1.2 oz and a nice oval shaped, 1.45” by 1.2” by 0.8” rare Agni Mani stone from Indonesia. This Spirit is rounded on the sides and oval overall with a suede-like feel. Judging from a broken one in the lot that arrived, they are very glassy inside which suggests either a volcanic obsidian-like ejectite (pseudo tektite) or a true tektite similar to the Tibetan tektites. Or it could be an impactite which is what the Libyan Desert Glass is, caused by a meteor striking the Earth, melting that earth in the heat of the meteorite and its impact, and then the molten debris forming into a glass. There are many volcanos in Indonesia so truly any of these is possible. I rather go with the impactite-tektite. In any case, when you put a strong light behind this Spirit, you can see it is an opalescent gold with assorted black markings inside but the density of the stone makes it appear quite uniform and black. Sorry that the backlit ones are a bit fuzzy … it was a slow shutter. No matter, this Spirit will bring a surprising clarity and focus to your world!

This is a stone of legend, also bearing the names Pearl of the Divining Fire, Stone of Shambhala and Cintamani Stone. Legend has it that the meteor that collided with Earth emanated from the Sirius star system. In any case, they are difficult to find among the native gravel and many are below the ocean waves.

These stones instill a sense of calm and peace that makes you feel right with the world and the universe. They absorb and transmute negativity making them another Spirit that does not need continual cleansing. Acting with the Solar Plexus, they are protective and make wonderful traveling stones, protecting their Keeper from psychic attack as well as the negativity that is rampant in our communities right now. Having a release of negative energy leaves only the positive so that you feel like anything is possible, anything can be achieved and anything can be conquered. She brings all aspects of Soul together … she is truly a Spirit of etherial possibility and Spiritual attainment!

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Rare Oval Agni Mani Tektite, Pearl of the Divining Fire

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