#22589 Slender, Rare and Clear Single Crystal of Phenacite
Slender, Rare and Clear Single Crystal of Phenacite
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This is very rare single crystal of phenacite 1.1 cm in length, weighing 0.21 grams. She is perfectly clear and terminated and with a slanted base base! She is from Burma and is absolutely stunning!

Phenacite is absolutely brilliant energy – huge! It's a good thing that the crystals are so small because they would literally blow out your Chakras otherwise! Typically, people experience different things – some feel an overwhelming rush of angels while others are transported into a "mother ship" of sorts, traveling the Universe. One thing is clear, the energies are unlike any on the Earth now and they are arising in a time when Light Workers are seeking different vibrations to fully activate their true roles in this physical expression. This Spirit is a strong Crown Chakra activator – but a special bonus is that as you activate the Crown, the entire ethereal Chakra network will open. This Spirit is a perfect size for wire wrapping to wear, however, I strongly recommend that you accustom yourself to her energy before wearing constantly. She is the most different crystal you will ever experience!

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Slender, Rare and Clear Single Crystal of Phenacite

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