#22597 Unique Smoky Quartz with “In and Out” Red-Orange Garnets
Unique Smoky Quartz with “In and Out” Red-Orange Garnets
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This is a very unique, partially matte and keyed Smoky quartz from China, 5.3 oz and 3.1” by 1.6” by 1.3”. She has a scattering of deep red-orange garnets on all but one side although that side has garnets lining the healed base. With a loupe, you can see garnets included within her as well! Keys surround the base on the matte sides, including a well-healed and ancient key that runs her length and also features garnets. The garnets are unusually large and very easy to see. There are Lemurian lines and subtle glyphs on the faces as well as a tabby stargazer student that sits right atop the terminal apex. In spite of her old souls-look, she is in excellent condition and is ready to work with her special Keeper.

These is very clearly a Soul Source Spirit …one that connects you to the very essence of your being. She feels like she could be used as a link in the center of a communication grid. Further she is a manifestor with her included garnets helping to open channels to your own identity and your role in this physical expression within her smoky protectiveness. She may look old soul, but her power is strong and steady!

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Unique Smoky Quartz with “In and Out” Red-Orange Garnets

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