#22604 Altar-Sized Arkansas Quartz Cluster with a Bit of Golden Healer
Altar-Sized Arkansas Quartz Cluster with a Bit of Golden Healer
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This is a truly incredible AAA, altar-sized quartz cluster from Arkansas. She weighs in at 3 lbs, 10.7 oz and measures 6.5” by 3.7” by 3.4”. The cluster is dominated by two large crystals (the largest is a channeler), crossed in a “crystalline hug” and surrounded by five larger students and two small ones … like a family. The slanted base is natural and golden healer stained. Her sides feature a few strange glyphs among the Lemurian lines. They look like starbrary glyphs but haven’t seen these before. Some appear to be Sirius, some Cassiopeia, some Draco … but actually, it’s none of these … just way different. She is very clear although the misting in her base belie her true clarity. You will even notice a few very vibrant rainbows within her! You will be totally over the moon!

Placing her on your lap with both palms on her … you can feel waves of energy flowing through you like you were sitting in a warm tropical waterfall. The energy is both refreshing and healing and truly so soft and gentle that you would swear you’d been tenderly kissed. Besides being beautiful to look at, this Spirit wants to sit with you when you are worried and stressed and feeling the day-to-day traumas of life. Put on ‘Fairy Ring’ (Michael Rowland) and allow the music to mesh with the energies coming through this Spirit. As you breathe in, draw the breaths as if they were coming through her. As you pass your breath through her, allow negativity, cares, stresses and hurts to wash away and when you exhale, release them all to the Universe where they can be easily transmuted. Continue this cycle until you feel refreshed and complete and allow the bliss to settle upon you for a while. During the hustle and bustle of the holidays, she is a particularly welcome Spirit – thank her for her comfort and relax. She will be a joy and cherished member of her special Keeper’s team!

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Altar-Sized Arkansas Quartz Cluster with a Bit of Golden Healer

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