#22605 Ancient Atlantean Citrine Elestial Scepter with Golden Mica
Ancient Atlantean Citrine Elestial Scepter with Golden Mica
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This fascinating and lovely 2.1 oz elestial scepter is from Aricuai, Brazil and is 2.6” by 1.2” by 0.9” … and has a citrine crown over a light smoky rod. The rod is embedded with golden mica at the base. The elestial secondary growth is long compared to the rod and features on all sides with a well-healed key at one crown edge. If you study him with a loupe, you’ll see a few little manifestors inside and a little, immobile enhydro! Terminal faces are wonderfully glyphed and you will be delighted by his readings! He has a couple of tiny dings, but nothing altering his amazing presence and Spirit!

The first thing you notice with this Spirit is the way he draws you into the layers of his surface. He is amazingly mysterious with his many and varied attributes. Citrine is a stone of abundance and never needs clearing; smoky is a stone of protection and grounding. If we think about the true meaning of abundance, we know it is about having enough for ourselves and enough to share – and it’s something that many of us do not feel we deserve. This Spirit helps us understand that abundance is our right and expectation! He helps us to search through our layers of self, all that we are, ever were and will be in the future. In those layers, we will see a richness of Spirit, experience and expression. As we explore our ‘wealth’, we begin to recognize and accept the miracle of our own abundance – and ultimately, we allow our own abundance. It is a powerful message from an equally powerful Spirit. These are messages that are surfacing now in the ancient Lemurian and Atlantean crystalline Spirits appearing. He is not for sitting on a shelf; he is a working Spirit who wants to help his Keeper affirm and manifest abundance in their life.

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Ancient Atlantean Citrine Elestial Scepter with Golden Mica

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