#22631 Master Healing Grouping of Rhodozite Crystals
Master Healing Grouping of Rhodozite Crystals
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This is a grouping of sixteen approximately 5 mm rhodozite crystals from Madagascar. Each is well-formed and creamy-white and shaped rather like a garnet crystal. Their tiny size belies their power however, and will be a real surprise to their Keeper. The grouping is perfect for crystal or Reiki healing and they are ideal added to a medicine pouch.

Rhodozite never ‘grows’ very large and once you sense the energy, you will understand why … the intensity would be far too great. This is a perfect size for including in a medicine pouch or placing carefully on the body (so as not to lose them – a little tape will hold them in place) during a Reiki or crystal healing session. These are known as Master Healers and are particularly good for addressing issues associated with auto-immune diseases. They work by unlocking blockages in any Chakra, so that healing can begin. Please remember that healing is a multi-faceted process and these only provide the tools … but perfect ones!

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Master Healing Grouping of Rhodozite Crystals

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