#22659 Chunky, Standing Dissolution Destiny Trigonic Quartz
Chunky, Standing Dissolution Destiny Trigonic Quartz
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This Spirit is an arrival from Serra do Cabral, Brazil and is both usual and striking in appearance. These dissolution quartz are different from previous ones in that the quartz has an opalescent and almost “melted” appearance. Dissolution quartz are created within the Earth by the action of Earth acids through the eons … each is unique in expression and each bears a different message, bound for a specific Keeper. This etched and yet clear, chunky Spirit is 5.1 oz and 2.3” by 1.9” by 1.6” and has a flat healed base that enables her to stand securely. Check the terminal faces with a loupe and you’ll see loads of teeny trigonic record keepers and even some layered and in patterns! The sides hold a small student, a small key and even a few subtle starbrary glyphs. Save for a few very little dings, she is in excellent condition and her energy and beauty are unaffected.

Ancient, sacred, wise – they all apply. You cannot handle her without being overwhelmed by the depth of this Spirit! This Spirit helps you to understand how all that we undergo in life, shapes our physical, emotional and Spiritual evolution. Working with her, you can determine why things happen and how they contribute to the growth you are meant to see in this Life’s Expression. Because of the nature of her Lemurian lines, you would start running your fingers up and down them … like a xylophone. You will know her immediately and will know how to decode her wonderful records that emanate. I guarantee that if you were unaware of your destiny before meeting her, there will be NO doubt after!

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Chunky, Empathic Dissolution Destiny Trigonic Quartz

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