#22662 Complex Volcanic Gray Basalt from Krakatoa Volcano
Complex Volcanic Gray Basalt from Krakatoa Volcano
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This is a complex and intricate 2.2 oz piece of gray basalt from a recent eruption of the famous Krakatoa volcano in Indonesia. The piece is 4” by 3” by 2.75” and was gathered by my supplier in Indonesia after the most recent (and mild … for Krakatoa) eruption. Approximately 90% of Earth’s basalt is derived from volcanic activity. The piece is surprisingly light for its size and looks fibrous and airy with many nooks and crannies. It is fragile so extra care will be used shipping her with minimal tape to avoid damaging the basalt when opening. She is unique and a most powerful Spirit to add to your special altar or meditation spaces.

Krakatoa is a very active volcano although its most notable eruptions culminated in a series of massive explosions over the 26th and 27th of August, 1883 and were among the most violent volcanic events in recorded history. The force of the eruptions is estimated to be 13,000 times the destruction of of the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The pressure wave from the 1883 eruption created the “sound heard around the world”. The volcano now resides on an island of its own making (called the Child of Krakatoa). Krakatoa eruptions have been documented since AD 416 to the present day … it is certainly a volcano worthy of great and continued power! (Source - Wikipedia). Volcanos either directly (from eruption) or indirectly (from inducing earthquakes and tsunamis) have created and shaped the land masses we know today. No matter how technological we have become, the Earth still rules.

Basalt comes from the “heart” of the Earth. The Earth shares her heart (basalt) with us and demonstrates how we all can contribute. She provides energies of courage and strength that further opens up to change and the necessity of that change. Like calcite and many other minerals, this Spirit can initiate great and positive change. But like Krakatoa, she demonstrates the destruction that comes from bottling up life’s lessons and not dealing with them as they appear. She is a lesson to living our lives and being the change we want to see in the world!

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Complex Volcanic Gray Basalt from Krakatoa Volcano

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