#22664 Dendritic Landscape Moss Agate Cab
Dendritic Landscape Moss Agate Cab
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This is an arrival from Indonesia and what a looker she is! She is a dendritic moss agate (quartz) rounded triangular cab,15.94 grams and 1.8” by 1.65” by 0.2”. The top is slightly rounder while the back is flat and she is exquisitely polished all over. She is lovely shades of cream, golden and charcoal, the charcoal being the dendrites, and al set against an opalescent white background. There is a peace and gentleness about her energies and she is very soothing and centering to the Spirit. She would make a wonderful pendant, a touch-stone, a crystal/ Reiki healing crystal or a scrying stone!

This is a classic stone for rejoining you to the Earth – funny as it might seem, when we spend a lot of time seeking the etheric realms, we lose touch and appear flighty and scattered. She brings you back, oh so gently so that once again, you can smell the roses. She is great used in a crystal healing or Reiki practice to settle the patient and restore critical balance. Also try her for scrying … those formations take on phenomenal visions!

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Dendritic Landscape Moss Agate Cab

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