#22667 Early-Earth-like Yooperlite Syenite Fluorescent Sodalite Sphere
Early-Earth-like Yooperlite Syenite Fluorescent Sodalite Sphere
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This is a gorgeous (and large) 12.3 oz and 2.35” in diameter Yooperlite* sphere from the northern peninsula of Michigan. It is mainly composed of syenite which is an igneous predominantly feldspar, gray rock formed in a similar fashion as granite. It accepts a nice polish as you can see and like granite, it is not uniform … this Spirit has a blotchy circle of white around it, like an equator (easier to see in person), accented by areas of black and areas of brown. But illuminated with a UV light, some of the grayish areas light up with bright neon pinkish-orange spots from highly fluorescent sodalite! Contrasted against the silvery gray, the areas put one into the image of a forming Earth arising from darkness! She is truly a wondrous crystalline Spirit!

This sphere was beyond what I expected (and believe me, I am obsessed with them!) … as I placed her in my hand, my Third Eye pulsed and messages came forth. I was told to trust my intuition (gut feel) and open my mind to messages I receive, to not allow my intellectual mind to shut it down ... and to honor the visions received and allow it to express your inner voice.

To work with this Spirit, take the sphere in the hand of choice and focus the breath as if coming through it. Imagine each breath cascading over the fluorescent patterns, allowing the images to come forth and express. Draw these images into your Being and further allow the energies to take the edge off the frustrations, negativity, disappointments and harsh daily realities. Feel her soft, soothing guidance clear your mind and enjoy the peace of the balance that ensues from permitting your Third Eye to both be observed and expressed. It all will help you deal with the “day-to-day” and create positive outcomes. Work with her until you feel complete, thank her and relax!

* Note that the word “Yooperlite” is a registered trademark of Erik Rintamaki, used here with his written permission.

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Early-Earth-like Yooperlite Syenite Fluorescent Sodalite Sphere

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