#22670 Gentle Ironstone Magnetic Pseudomorph Bracelet
Gentle Ironstone Magnetic Pseudomorph Bracelet
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This is an ironstone pseudomorph magnetic bracelet from Iron Mountain, Java, Indonesia. Locally, these stones are called “Batu Badar Besi” (this translates to “Iron Rhinoceros Stone”) and resemble the pseudomorphs (Prophecy Stones) of Egypt. These are generally smaller and are more “pebble” shaped … and they are magnetic. The magnetic field is very gentle but a magnet will pull it. The bracelet is composed of raw, unpolished beads, 0.4” in diameter and the bracelet weighs 1.5 oz. It is 8.5” in diameter but the beads are strung on a stretchy cord so it will open to 11” for easily slipping onto the wrist.

As I opened these bracelets from my supplier, I immediately slipped one on. The weight surprised me a bit but it wasn’t uncomfortably heavy. Magnetic bracelets have been used in healing practices for some time for relaxation, sleep therapy, blood pressure regulation and treatment of pain and inflammation. I had experienced a very stressful day before opening these bracelets and what I got immediately from my bracelet was calming, stress relief and relaxation. - I was in love! This gentle bracelet will fast become the first thing you put on in the morning!

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Gentle Ironstone Magnetic Pseudomorph Bracelet

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