#22673 Incredible Orange Tourmaline Cluster on Matrix - Pakistan
Incredible Orange Tourmaline Cluster on Matrix - Pakistan
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This is a most unusual piece from Pakistan – 1.2 oz and 2.1” by 1.3” by 1.1” and full of surprises. When you first look at him, you see tourmalines, top and bottom, nested in a siderite-stained toast-colored matrix, dotted with a bit of quartz .The real surprise is that the tourmaline appears dark but when brightly illuminated, you can see that the tourmaline is a very dark orange! Orange tourmaline is exceedingly rare and this is a stunning representative of the tourmaline clan!

I absolutely love the blend of energies of this Spirit – rarity aside! Orange is the color of passion and desire, providing fire to the emotions and allowing the creative expression so necessary to artists. In the heart, the artist knows what he/she feels and often hits blocks that limit (or turn off) expression. Well, this Spirit first makes sure you are well grounded and then turns on the creativity, giving your heart a voice you never thought possible! I am truly humbled by his gentle and yet encompassing energies. If there was one Spirit to lift you from any fog, this would be the one! Anoint him with rain water to allow his fragrant crystalline musk to rise. Play beautiful music to blend the energies and bask in the glow of your own heart’s expression, radiant and beautiful beyond measure!

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Incredible Orange Tourmaline Cluster on Matrix - Pakistan

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