#22674 Intense Amazon Violet Flame DT Amethyst - Spirit of Transformation
Intense Amazon Violet Flame DT Amethyst - Spirit of Transformation
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This is a petite 3.18 gram DT crystal from near Manaus, Brazil … right in the heart of the Amazon jungle. He may be tiny but his energy soars well beyond his 0.75” by 0.55” by 0.4” size. And he has two tiny students and a few keys where former students once resided. He holds an extraordinary deepest violet color that billows throughout like ink in water. With a loupe, you can see that he is handsomely glyphed. He is a real stunner, perfect for pocket, medicine pouch or wire-wrapping in purest silver.

St. Elmo’s fire is a name my supplier gave these amazing quartz and it’s inconsistent with the energy I feel from these little guys. St. Elmo’s fire is a natural phenomenon that occurs when a charge builds up from a storm cloud and discharges onto some tall, pointed object on the ground. It is plasma like in its discharge and gives an eerie glow around the object. Most commonly, it is seem along ship masts at sea (adding to the myth of ghost ships), but can be seen on pointed buildings, trees, flagpoles and even grass on the ground. What I get instead, is a Spirit of transformation, like the Violet Flame described by St. Germain. Those familiar with the Violet Flame know that one must accept the Flame in the body, make it an integral part of your Being, use the Flame to excise negativity and use the Flame to transmute that negativity into Devine Light and Spiritual evolution. That’s a pretty tall order for such a little crystal, but he’s more than equal to the task – you will find him a loyal representative of the Violet Flame, eager to work with his special Keeper!

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Intense Amazon Violet Flame DT Amethyst - Spirit of Transformation

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