#22678 Mystic Dark Brown Fulgurite - Great Sand Sea, Egypt
Mystic Dark Brown Fulgurite - Great Sand Sea, Egypt
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This is a 7.11 grams and 2.3” by 0.8” by 0.75” hollow, but open, fulgurite from Great Sand Sea, Egypt (I thought Libya in a previous listing, but it’s Egypt). She has a rather brown and drab appearance but that appearance belies the true power within … fulgurites are hollow tubes formed literally from the fusion of a lightning strike to the ground. In her case, the tube is exposed and bubbly inside showing that she was molten. Outside, sand coats her. Fulgurites can be composed of sand (quartz) or dirt and although more often found in desert areas, they can be found almost anywhere. She is in excellent condition and amazingly energetic.

This was a new arrival this year and I wondered how she would pair with lightning strike quartz. She actually can be used as a “power modulator” for lightning strike quartz so that the energies are more manageable. However, do not take that as a negative … she is perfectly willing to function alone and assist with her Keeper’s Chakra balancing … after all, she is the perfect balance of Heaven and Earth! As Light Workers know, as they gain Spiritual enlightenment, the Kundalini rises, “lighting” the Ethereal Chakras with the energy of the Core. If it rises too quickly, some actually experience intense emotional swings, verging on madness. A fulgurite is perfect for ensuring a smooth and manageable process for her special Keeper.

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Mystic Dark Brown Fulgurite - Great Sand Sea, Egypt

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