#22679 Natural Yellow Sulfur - Ijen Volcano
Natural Yellow Sulfur - Ijen Volcano
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This is a perfectly natural piece of sulfur from the Ijen Volcano in East Java, Indonesia. She is 5.7 oz, 2.45” and 2.8” by 2.7” by 1.5”. The Ijen volcano is known for its sulfur production and the sulfur is collected and sold in large chunks although this one is rather small compared to those that are sold. The top shows the natural bubbles of sulfur formed within the volcano, the bubbles being cooled and solidified as you see here. She is quite beautiful and a bit lighter than the pictures.

This Spirit has extremely complex energies. Her primary role is to absorb negativity in all of its expressions: bad energies, emotions and feelings. Sulfur is associated with fire and brimstone, in part because it has volcanic origins and liquefies easily. It is wonderful for getting to the “heart” of all manner of things that similarly rise – violent tempers, raging emotion and even physical eruptions (like boils and pimples). It isn’t enough to address the symptoms as one must delve deeper into the root cause and eradicate it or the symptoms will reform and re-express. She is absolutely critical to a healing practice both to use in the room where you will treat and to place on the patient’s Solar Plexus to reestablish critical emotional and physical balances. She works the same way in your home or work place and you will wonder how you ever went without her!

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Natural Yellow Sulfur - Ijen Volcano

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