#22683 Pink, Dove Gray, Gold and Buff Shaman's Dream Quartz with Many, Many Manifestors
Pink, Dove Gray, Gold and Buff Shaman's Dream Quartz with Many, Many Manifestors
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This is a crescent-shaped unpolished shaman’s dream quartz cluster from Brazil … 14.2 oz and 5.3” by 2” by 2”. She is most uncommon in that she is very clear, offering a perfect view of the incredible landscape within – use a 10X loupe to see her full beauty and the many, many manifestors sitting on her surfaces within … as well as druse of similarly-sized students among the large crystals … it’s sparkle and shine! It is all easier to see in person. The landscape is actually shades of dusty-dusty-pink, dove gray, gold and buff, all in light smoky quartz. Most points are clear while others have some matte faces. She is healed or terminated all over and elestial and you’ll see a cute little window on one of the points! Her top and sides show off those elestial terminations that enfold the visions she holds and offer unobstructed viewing. And as a bonus, she there are some amazing glyphs on some of the faces and a few strange starbrary glyphs on the sides! No matter what, you will delight in working with her as much as you will savor her beauty and grace! She has a few very tiny dings, but nothing that takes away from her message!

In Brazil, these crystals are known as Shaman’s Dream because of the wondrous inner landscape created by their inclusions. While many of us don’t want to specifically become Shamans, we do want to enhance our meditative states and improve both dream recall and dream interpretation. She helps to free your mind from conventional thought so as to expand your own cognitive abilities. For example, understand that a dream about a house does not represent the same thing to all people. We all have different internal “keys”, past/future lifetimes and current lifetime experiences. Allow your Self to wander the landscape within this Spirit and embrace the visions that unfold. This Spirit will bring a new level to your meditative state!

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Pink, Dove Gray, Gold and Buff Shaman’s Dream Quartz with Many, Many Manifestors

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