#22868 Gleaming Tranquility Star Wedgwood Blue Lightbrary Quartz
Gleaming Tranquility Star Wedgwood Blue Lightbrary Quartz
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This is a surprising and petite 0.7oz, 1.95” by 0.8” by 0.75” quartz from China. These were a total surprise at my supplier’s, especially when the label on the boxes said ‘green quartz – China’. To me, this is more blue than green and if pressed, I might concede a grayed medium teal – Wedgwood Blue actually. And what lends this marvelous Spirit her color is a mystery – I suspect some kind of amphibole. She is, however and without a doubt, a glistening, shimmering cluster of smaller points and lightbraries over a longer, slightly curved one. These lightbraries are kind of a cross between the Atlantean lovestars and the fairy/spirit quartz … and if it weren’t for the color, she might be a very regal relative of the Greek prasem quartz. Overall, she is opaque, and yet opalescent, and literally covered with terminations, shimmering and giving her a kind of movement all her own. You really should explore her thoroughly with a loupe to fully appreciate the intricacy that she expresses in her pristine beauty.

I can’t even begin to describe her energy – wonderful, sweeping waves of calm, peace and tranquility. She literally has millions of tiny terminations which act like fiber optics and bathe you in her serenity. Many of us get too stressed to meditate, too rushed to tend to our Selves and too tired to do much but watch TV. She brings you around, allows you to refresh and encircles you with a marvelous sense of well-being … if there was an answer crystal – this is one! Give her a chance and share the love!

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Gleaming Tranquility Star Wedgwood Blue Lightbrary Quartz

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