#22875 Inviting, Slightly Golden Generator (aka Merlin) Quartz Point
Inviting, Slightly Golden Generator (aka Merlin) Quartz Point
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This is a beautiful and inviting generator quartz point, 1.8 oz and is 3.1” by 0.85” by 0.65”with two deep keys at her healed base that makes her look pinched. There are gorgeous Lemurian lines on her sides and although brilliantly clear, two sides that are druse-accented make her look not as clear as she is. With a loupe, you can see the tiny quartz crystals as well as circular keys that are filled with golden healer … and they carry up onto the faces. The overall golden healer wash gives her a nice, but slight, golden glow. She has a generator termination (aka “Merlin”) that projects light like a flashlight! Truly this is a very unique crystal with wonderful energy that is both uplifting and cleansing … you will be in love! She is from Sao Jose, Brazil.

She is all about dealing with those things hidden and bringing them into the light.  Too often, we allow things that happened in the past to control and effect our enjoyment of the Now. We remember and are afraid to face that pain, so we allow it to fester and grow. Drawing it out of the mists into clarity permits us accept that those things can no longer hurt us; we can heal and move on. She would be awesome for a crystal healing or Reiki therapy session as she will assist in the movement of energy and help to align the body’s natural energy vortexes. She also makes a wonderful grid crystal for those special healing grids.

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Inviting, Slightly Golden Generator (aka Merlin) Quartz Point

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