#22880 Light-Filled Tangerine Golden Glow Lemurian Quartz
Light-Filled Tangerine Golden Glow Lemurian Quartz
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This is a vivid 2.3 oz point of tangerine quartz from Brazil with nice Lemurian lines on her. She is 2.8” by 1.15” by 0.8” and her color is positively glowing, the tangerine color being due to hematite and the golden glow being due to a light coating of iron oxide … she has Golden Healer properties! Her sides are slightly matte and there is a small student at her slanted and healed base. Tiny quartz crystals create a sparse druse on one side. There is a small key with a healed small ding over it from where the key separated and some very little dings on there termination, but nothing compromising her energy and beauty. She radiates a gentle, yet stirring energy and you’ll find yourself going to her again and again – she is just that splendid!

This is a wonderful Spirit – just teaming with vibrancy and charm! She has a sweet nature and exudes joy and energy! Some call the tangerines “muse” crystals and in a sense, they truly are. They allow you to focus on what you are passionate about in your heart and then put it into physical expression. These are wonderful crystals for artists, writers and anyone in creative fields. But this Spirit has a special mission. There are those who are passionate about healing, and for those people, this is their Crystalline Muse! Her Golden Healer coating permits a new approach to healing where the practitioner can step outside convention and looks at diagnosis and treatment in a new and creative way. Just because three people have colds doesn’t mean that they must (or should) be treated the same way. Taking a truly holistic approach, the creative practitioner considers all aspects: physical, emotional and Spiritual in crafting the treatment plan. This Muse is an able and willing partner in that healing process, stirring your imagination and setting your instincts free!

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Light-Filled Tangerine Golden Glow Lemurian Quartz

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