#22886 Polished, Orb-Like Dream Weaver Prehnite Bubble with Epidote
Polished, Orb-Like Dream Weaver Prehnite Bubble with Epidote
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My supplier found these neat polished prehnite bubbles at the 2017 Tucson Show and this one is a really cute orb-like 1.2 oz bubble with included epidote, 1.1” by 1.05” by 1.05. The polishing really brings out the nice green color and she has an amazing hand-feel! She is from Mali and you will have such fun working with her!

This Spirit is a Dream Weaver! She helps you recognize the value of your dreams and interpret the messages that they convey. To the Aborigine people, dreams are reality and what we call the conscious state, they regard as a dream! They actively gather each morning and the entire groups analyzes the dreams of the evening, carefully examining for meaning. While, I am not embracing the belief, I do recognize that we don’t often give much effort to understanding these important messages. This Spirit loves to be tucked under a pillow at night where she will assist with dream recall and the hidden messages. The remembrance of the dream will be stronger and will permit you a meditation on the meaning. Holding her in the receiving hand as you meditate will provide protective energies as you explore the dream symbols. Remember, these symbols are personal to you and to you only. Books about dream interpretation may provide some guidance, but only you can successfully decode your own symbolism. Use her as a tool in that quest!

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Polished, Orb-Like Dream Weaver Prehnite Bubble with Epidote

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