#22897 Twinned Heart Stimulating Crystal of Palest Pink Danburite
Twinned Heart Stimulating Crystal of Palest Pink Danburite
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This lovely 0.7 oz crystal is from Mexico and measures 1.5” by 0.95” by 0.55” is a soft, palest pink and very clear danburite. She is twinned with the twins forming a heart at her termination. Her base is misted, rising into clarity with sweet rainbows smiling. What a delight to study with a loupe and just admire the beauty in Nature as you bask in the intensity of her energy! There is a very small ding to the side of her termination but is otherwise most excellent.

Pink danburite is a profound heart stone, helping to bring clarity and enlightenment to the expressions of the heart. She is wonderful energies for a Keeper who is looking for a change in the kind of relationships she/he has experiencing. Now, I’m not talking only about a significant other, but all relationships: love, family, work and friendship. She is a Spirit to free your expression and stimulate your listening to your own heart. People overly rationalize decisions, when in their heart, they really know what they need to do. But they don’t act because they don’t want to hurt anyone or appear different or stand out from the crowd. And each time they don’t act, they loose a little more of their self-esteem. This is a brave Spirit and one who will give you the confidence to express your Self. Doing this will earn the respect of others and make you realize those words penned by Shakespeare: ‘“ … to thine own Self be true … ‘ In no other manner can you unseat the blockages in the heart that keep you in the physical realm and impair your advancement in the Spiritual realm. She is an awesome friend and asks no thanks, only that you will try …

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Twinned Heart Stimulating Crystal of Palest Pink Danburite

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