#22952 Altar-Sized Chrome Green Diopside - Open to Healing
Altar-Sized Chrome Green Diopside - Open to Healing
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This is a stunning and altar-sized chrome green, gemmy diopside partial crystal with a side of inset of quartz and several small areas of mica. She is 2 lb 7.8 oz and 7.1” by 2.6” by 1.4” and she is regal and elegant. Her crystal is striated with many unusual, linear glyphs on the exposed sides. Imagine her on your special altar spaces … especially healing altars! She is nothing short of breathtakingly magnificent!

Diopside is a wonderful Spirit that I’ve used it for years in crystal healing. She is marvelous to open the patient up to healing. Now, by that I mean that often, you’ll get a patient who has overly-rationalized their illness. They have exhausted every western medical channel and are now pursuing the eastern disciplines and the esoteric. They have done a ton of reading and have concluded that nothing will help, but they want to try anything. Some of these people are open to healing and some aren’t – they have basically read too much and on one level, are blocking the healing … not allowing it! This is a perfect time to try diopside to move aside all those blockages and open the patient. Place her on near heart Chakra (or under the treatment table) initially and then move her to the Solar Plexus as the healing progresses. She will be guide you when the time is right and you’ll find her to be a perfect assistant!

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Altar-Sized Chrome Green Diopside - Open to Healing

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