#22959 Delicate Flower Agate Palmstone
Delicate Flower Agate Palmstone
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This is a lovely and delicate 2.3 oz flower agate palmstone, 2.3” by 1.6” by 0.7”. The colors are buff, toast and pinky-toast, billowing inside like a garden erupting into bloom! She is truly lovely with her blooms on one side and bubbles on the other … and even a few little crystal caves! You won’t want to put her down!??Flower agates are relatively newly discovered and they aren’t just beautiful … they are very grounding (like most agates) but also very interactive. A garden is something that has to be tended to produce those beautiful blooms … weeds must be pulled, ground kept fertile and above all, love has to go into them. Flower agates, with their gentle energies, teach that like the flower, we can and must bloom. They teach that growth, development and transition (like the seed into the plant) are critical to Spiritual Growth. Each of us can reach to the heavens and bloom like a flower! You will love her energies and her beauty!??Click on the link below to see additional pictures.

Delicate Flower Agate Palmstone

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