#22960 Delicious Chocolate Orange River Quartz Cluster
Delicious Chocolate Orange River Quartz Cluster
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This is a totally unique 4.8 oz cluster of quartz from the Orange River area in South Africa. She measures 3.2" by 3.2" by 1.2" and her series of small points are beautifully phantomed and the entire cluster sparkles and shines! The brown color comes from hematite and a blend of red hematite and silver that forms the phantoms (a loupe will allow you to see the tiny spheroids of the two colors that blend to make the chocolate! Her base is totally covered with a druse of chocolaty quartz with bits of calcite to one side. She is totally spectacular and another treasure find that will delight your special altar spaces!

For most of us, we believe that Spiritual advancement is achieved only through the Third Eye, the crown and the ethereal Chakras, so we spend all of our time and effort there and neglect the physical Chakras. After all, we ARE physical beings and can't forget that we must also physically express those Spiritual achievements, beginning with the Primal Chakra. Our Primal Chakra (first or base or root Chakra) is where all of our feelings of Self arise. This is the seat of our family, our tribe, our core beliefs. And it is those core beliefs that get us every time. Suppose you are taught that we do not reincarnate, that this is the only physical life we will ever get. Unless something happens to alter that belief, no matter what you read or accept on a mental level, unless that belief is changed, you will not connect with past lives or benefit from those lessons. Likewise, if you have no sense of family or tribe, you will spend your physical existence believing that you do not belong. And so it goes. This Spirit is awesome at helping you access those core beliefs and providing a focus so that you can address each one in turn to determine what is true for you now. In this manner, you can access your total core and discard anything that no longer serves you (if it doesn't serve, it will limit!). As we approach the Summer Solstice, it is a good time to reassess. Work with this Spirit and experience the totality of your true Self and being!

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Delicious Chocolate Orange River Quartz Cluster

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