#22967 Fascinating Polished Gray, Pink, Russet and Cream Mozarkite
Fascinating Polished Gray, Pink, Russet and Cream Mozarkite
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This is an absolutely amazing 0.9 oz, 2.2” by 1.1” by 0.6” piece of polished mozarkite from Missouri. She shaped sort of like a wedge (viewed from the side) and has a fascinating display of shades of pink, gray and russet, accented by cream and bit of gold. The variations seem to form a Spirit in one area and interesting scenes elsewhere! Mozarkite is a form of chalcedony and chert and is the state rock of Missouri. It was highly prized by Native Americans because it knapped well and made superior arrow and spearheads. When the tip became blunted, it was either re-knapped or used for a scraping knife. Locations of deposits of the stone were considered sacred and were shared only among the chosen few of the tribe. I was lucky enough to get a quantity of these rare stones and am amazed at the color ranges as well as the wondrous energy!

This is a Spirit stone … there are clouds, mountains, snow-covered areas, a Spirit and a bit of strange and ancient writing - I feel a strong sense of communication about this piece, assisting her Keeper to explore areas that previously had been hidden (occult). Symbolizing the Sacred Eye, she teaches you to open up your Third Eye and your Heart to the beauty and life in all things and allows contact as well. She would be a wonderful companion stone to a Starbrary, particularly since some of the areas look more alien ... plus she is such a beautiful piece, you’ll find yourself carrying her everywhere and pulling her out when you have a few quiet moments … maybe even making a few quiet moments just to look …:o)

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Fascinating Polished Gray, Pink, Russet and Cream Mozarkite

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