#22968 Fist-Sized Light Smoky Elestial Quartz with Albite
Fist-Sized Light Smoky Elestial Quartz with Albite
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This is a fist-sized 10.4 oz light smoky elestial quartz from Aricuai, Brazil, 2.9” by 2.1” by 2.1”. She is rather mist-filled and light smoky with weathered albite to one side. Her sides are Lemurian-lined ands is a bit of an empath with a healing ding to one side. There is a slanted contact area at her base that she stands securely on and her terminations are nicely glyphed. Her energy and role are strong and vibrant and she is a sweet, sweet Spirit with gentle energy to share with her Keeper.

She is an altar crystal for Healers. One of the most basic skills a Healer must have is empathy … a complete understanding of the emotional aspects of and state of un-health. None of us is perfect and none of us goes through life without a few little dings of our own. Most of us have broken a bone, suffered an illness requiring an operation, had a severe cut, had a life-threatening disease, etc. Disease or accident, it all starts out the same. We have an imbalance and do not appropriately deal with it. The energy imbalance then brings about the disease or accident. Think about the last time you had a cold: you were running around, so much to do, so very busy and the LAST thing you needed was a cold. Well, your body was telling you to slow down and cleanse because you have been working too hard. But did you stop? No, so your body put on the breaks. And so it goes. For a Healer to work with a patient, there must be a total understanding of the cause and effect so as to holistically treat the patient as opposed to treating just the symptoms. This Spirit teaches empathy, understanding, sympathy and imagination. I questioned the imagination, but she merely said that too many times, we treat things the same way over and over thinking it is a formula that works. We need to step outside that convention and do things a little differently, to treat unconventionally in order for optimal healing to occur. A cold in one patient was not brought about by the same set of circumstances as another! Very true! She will serve her Healer Keeper well either as a healing altar crystal or in a treatment room.

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Fist-Sized Light Smoky Elestial Quartz with Albite

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