#22979 Lovely Hiddenite Citrine Quartz with Tourmaline
Lovely Hiddenite Citrine Quartz with Tourmaline
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This is a 1.4 oz, 1.5” by 1.45” by 1” light citrine quartz sort of mini-cluster from Hiddenite, NC … in the emerald mines! The quartz is very clear and bright and not unlike the wonderful Swiss quartz in looks and energy. His faces have fascinating, raised glyphs and his base is healed into hundreds of tiny terminations. The dark inclusions are black tourmaline rods embedded in the quartz! Shy and tiny rainbows play inside, he is totally healed! If you give him a change, he will be a wonderful pocket companion!

With his more sunny citrine aspects and grounding tourmaline energies included, he has a very happy and joyous demeanor. He instills a confidence and security about the energies he shares with you such that you can feel a comfort about who and where you are. If you’re needing to de-stress and settle down, he smoothes out the energies. If you are needing a pick-up, he is a comforting cup of hot coffee on a dreary and cold day. His lightbrary aspects enable teaching and in particular, knowing those various aspects of Self so that you can use them to best advantage. As we learn to work with the “hidden” layers of our own core personality, we more fully expand our global consciousness and Spiritual awareness. You will be SO glad you have him a chance!

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Lovely Hiddenite Citrine Quartz with Tourmaline

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