#23002 African Emerald Green Botryoidal Malachite Stalactite
African Emerald Green Botryoidal Malachite Stalactite
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This is a large 4.4 oz, 3.25” by 2" by 1.4” malachite stalactite from South Africa … world renowned for the quality of its malachite. She is here in cluster form, in her beautiful, lobed, malachite stalactite, descending from a cascade of green “bubbles”. She is botryoidal, meaning that her crystals are lobed and radiating out from a common point … in cross-section, you would see the characteristic bulls-eye patterning. The actual stalactite might be hollow as you will see a hole in the base and the tip, although with her undulation, it’s impossible to see through. Incidentally … she sings when you work with her! She is perfect as an altar crystal although she will need support (like a sand base) to stand upright. She is a wondrous energy!

Malachite is still one of my favorites for pain therapy, although people are using Infinite far more. The main difference is that Infinite is wonderful for physical pain, whereas malachite is better for emotional pain. When I did crystal healing in New Mexico, I would place a malachite on the heart and surround her with rose quartz. It often took a few sessions, but she would help the patient deal with the emotional issues that actually resulted in physical pain. Some don’t like malachite as it is a very strong and direct crystal (hence the need to use with rose quartz), but I’ll tell you, when you’re hurting, nothing speeds relief faster! She is totally astonishing!

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African Emerald Green Botryoidal Malachite Stalactite

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