#23006 Amazing Amethyst Flame Quartz with Smoky Phantom-Manifestor
Amazing Amethyst Flame Quartz with Smoky Phantom-Manifestor
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This amazing 7.9 oz, 3.45” by 2.4” by 1.5”, ethereal and special quartz is from Bahia, Brazil. She is keyed all around (although there are a few very small areas of side) and all of her faces have been polished to better see the smoky phantom inside and a glorious phantom it is! Interestingly, The phantom is smoky with a vivid amethyst flame beneath it. If you look carefully, you can see actual sides on that phantom (the keys make it a bit hard to see) … she is a phantom manifestor! She is a wonderful hand-holder side and her keys make good finger and thumb rests while you work with her. She is in excellent condition and will be a loyal worker with her Keeper!

I love the vision of this Spirit as a smoky “core” and an amethyst flame surrounding it! It suggests to me that Spiritual evolution occurs around a strong core and like the rising layers of the phantom, the energy is drawn upward into the amethyst smoke … Spiritual development. The flame burns brightly and warms the core to the task. Plus this Spirit is totally gorgeous and entire crystal is a wondrous scrying medium … relaxing and intuitive! She will be a wonderful and special Spirit to her Keeper!

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Amazing Amethyst Flame Quartz with Smoky Phantom-Manifestor

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