#23008 Banded and Colorful, Ethereal Rainbow Fluorite with Fluorite Druse
Banded and Colorful, Ethereal Rainbow Fluorite with Fluorite Druse
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This is a banded and colorful fluorite from China, 4.9 oz and 2.2” by 2.2” by 1.7” and is terminated with a glittering and smoky-looking druse of fluorite creating a “frosting” on top of the termination. Keys surround her sides. She looks dark lying on the desk, but hold her to the light and she is a rainbow of ethereal colors … green, blue, purple and shades in between, all in meandering bands! I admit that it was hard to show with the photos … far easier in person! And under ultraviolet light, she becomes electric blue! What delightful color play and astounding beauty and energy! Truly this is a one-of-a-kind Spirit meant especially for a teacher or Healer. She has so much love to share!

Fluorites are the great ‘organizers’. They allow you to put physical, emotional, intellectual and ethereal Chakras into alignment and total balance. Every color activates and balances with the rest and This Spirit is incredible placed in a room where there will be others, to soothe, calm and energize the surroundings. She raises the room’s vibration and instills a state of Light and Love. I also like that she is a color-shifter, meaning her vibrations act on many levels … the Heart, the Third Eye and the Crown, allowing the critical balance between knowing, feeling and expressing. But, her role is much deeper than any of this – used with a Starbrary crystal, she enhances the communication and extraction of data … a very critical role when working with these important crystals. This is one of THE important New Age crystals and essential for balance to the Light Worker.

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Banded and Colorful, Ethereal Rainbow Fluorite with Fluorite Druse

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