#23010 Carved Blue Amber Golden Asian Arowana, Dragon Fish Of Wealth
Carved Blue Amber Golden Asian Arowana, Dragon Fish Of Wealth
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This is a delightfully intricate Indonesian blue amber Asian arowana fish, 7.45 grams and 2.7” by 1.05” by 0.4”. It is a lovely, radiant golden and under UV light, ocean blue. The blue color produced under ultraviolet light arises from her origins … she was formed from the sap of the Hymenaea protera tree, the same tree that contributes the color to Dominican amber. Under ultraviolet light, her amber color becomes kind of an ocean blue! And the little dots you see are tiny bubbles! Please note that the pink is not fluorescent, but rather a reflection from the UV flashlight that I use. When you use the ultraviolet in person, you won’t see the pink. In traditional Chinese, the Asian arowana with back straight from dorsal fin to nose, is known as the “Dragon Fish” and is considered a source of luck and fortune.

Hand polishing amber is an act of love taking much time, patience and love. The outer, rough layers are taken off with rough sandpaper and then the amber is smoothed with increasingly less rough sandpaper until the amber glows and can receive a final gleaming polish. Then, once the piece is polished to the approximate shape, it is carved into what you see as the arowana!

In Feng Shui tradition, the arowana fish has been held in the highest regard by the for luck, specifically for luck with wealth. The combination of the water feature and the arowana (Dragon Fish) is said to be a source of both luck and fortune. Tradition holds that any number of arowanas can be kept as long as it’s an odd number. However for the perfect luck, the fish must be golden, red or silver. So this golden beauty is not only ideal but the most auspicious color! Being amber, however, he will float on the water as opposed to gliding through the it. Let him be a stimulus for your own good luck and fortune!

Carved Blue Amber Golden Asian Arowana, Dragon Fish Of Wealth

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