#23012 Chatoyant Blue, Russet and Gold Pietersite with Quartz
Chatoyant Blue, Russet and Gold Pietersite with Quartz
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This is an unusual diamond-shaped slice of beautiful, chatoyant pietersite (the Tempest Stone) atop a slice of quartz. It’s all polished and kind of a “pillow”. He is 1.2 oz and 2” by 1.4” by 0.75” and totally amazing! His one side is shades of indigo blue swirls while his quartz is sparkly with thin veins of golden healer. I love the way the quartz blends with his energies! He does have a wonderful feel in the hand and equally wonderful vibration!

Pietersite is an amazing Spirit that helps you relax, release the limits you place on your creativity and allows you to recognize your own Divine potential. That’s why it is called the “Tempest Stone” – he really stirs you up so that you actually think about what you are doing. As we experience the many changes of this year, we need to shift and adapt … and rapidly. Because of the incredible, soothing blues, he can take those erratic energies of the new “beginning” and thoroughly ground you without you missing any forward momentum. The quartz maintains purity of action. I like the energetic effect of the melded energies, necessary to our lives now. He is wonderful placed anywhere you work, in your car or even under your pillow. He helps you balance and yet remember the magic.

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Chatoyant Blue, Russet and Gold Pietersite with Quartz

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