#23017 Eternal Circle Heart-Centered Green Lemurian Quartz - Lighthouse
Eternal Circle Heart-Centered Green Lemurian Quartz - Lighthouse
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This was a treasure from the Tucson show a few years ago and new find in China. This is a 2 oz, 3.4” by 1.3” by 1” point. Her unusual green color is intense at her base with concentrations of color that are a soft gradient to the paler green in her nice termination … she may be a Dow (as about 90% of these are), but there’s a large key across the back of her termination that obscures several faces. The color is a lovely shade of green from included actinolite, but shifted a bit towards the blue side. Actinolite is an amphibole mineral and true to the amphibole nature, at her base, she has a number of velvety-looking circular areas of actinolite … they sort of remind me of crystalline crop circles. She has positively splendid Lemurian lines and sits on a broad base of partial and small student crystals that look like the islands that lighthouses sit on … and she the lighthouse … for the heart! She is a gorgeous Spirit, ready to work on heart healing with her Keeper.

In Lemurian times, people were closer to the Earth and its many inter-related systems. One such was the greening of the seas. The Lemurians knew that when the seas were green, algae had tinted the water and the various marine species all would gather, some to feast on the abundant algae and others to feast on the algae eaters … all were part of Nature’s cycles. It was a time of plenty and the Lemurian peoples celebrated the gifts of the Earth in all its abundance, a deep connection to the Earth and the Sea… the ultimate in heart-centered gift-giving. This Spirit recalls those times and the heart-centeredness of the Lemurian peoples. The slightly blue tones speak to the communication that the heart does without voice. When all comes truly from the Heart Center, there is love, compassion, empathy, sympathy, gentleness, kindness and a host of others. The touch of a shoulder to comfort another will often say more than any words. Her circles illustrate the continuity and completeness you can feel if the heart is open and healed. Her teachings are these … the gift of Love is the dearest of all and to center your being on such a foundation is a profound strength and a connection to all that was (and is) Lemurian.

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Eternal Circle Heart-Centered Green Lemurian Quartz - Lighthouse

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