#23019 Etheric Golden Healer Peruvian Lemurian Lightbrary Quartz
Etheric Golden Healer Peruvian Lemurian Lightbrary Quartz
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This is an intense 6 oz, 3.7” by 2” by 1.6” lightbrary cluster of stunning Peruvian Lemurian quartz, one of the stars from a Tucson show a few years ago. She is a pair of brilliantly clear crystals with strong Lemurian lines that carry up onto the terminal faces and surrounded by Lemurian lined lightbrary students, infused with golden healer – a totally glittering expression! The crystals show classic tessin terminations … where all the sides come together similar to a Merlin, but the sides transition almost imperceptibly into the terminal face and the true faces are curved and relatively small. At her base, you’ll see a fine druse of tiny sparkling quartz crystals blended with tiny quartz needles along with grounding insets of pyrite. There is a key across one crystal that shows a marked ‘stem. Rainbows abound! I see a bit of edge damage to the students and a ding to the back of one termination, but otherwise, she is in wonderful condition and is a handful of high-powered energy for her Keeper!??At the present time, new Lemurian crystals are emerging in dazzling number. This was channeled through Eshella, a Blue Tara Lemurian quartz:

‘It is early morning and the first rays of the sun are piercing the horizon with an eerie haze with rays pierced through it like fingers. I feel the cool breeze from the ocean upon my face and savor its salty musk. This is a day that has been foretold, auspicious in its unfolding and yet, before this day’s sun sets, life as we know it will forever change. Many have left, but I have chosen to remain here in my home, embracing the sea and bidding farewell to my beloved Lemuria …

Our oracles have predicted this for millennia, so it is something our Peoples have long known and prepared for. Every ship that sought out the peace and beauty of Lemuria left with a Lemurian elder and at least one family to ensure that some remnant of our culture would survive us. This was to preserve all that we have known and attained so it could be known by the world.

I am Emmoral, Elder and High Priestess. Otshoh and Shialohh, both Elders, have remained with me, three in service. In the final days, we were to combine our energies and infuse crystals throughout the world with our records. We have discovered that our energies can be focused and channeled such that the crystalline structure accepts the information. Since we knew not where our People would settle or who would call forth the Lemurian energies in the future, we seeded these records all over the Earth and each type bears unique knowledge.

When the time is right for the Lemurian knowledge to re-emerge, these crystals shall awaken and make themselves known to specific souls who share Lemurian roots. We know that these roots will be diluted through many millennia, but knowledge such as this is timeless. There will be a quickening and a definite call … this is the Time of Awakening. People will feel the pull and may not know why or how to respond, but will receive instruction. Certain of them will lead the way and others will be aware of them, some in their lifetimes and others after their passing when they will work from the Ethereal Realm.

It is imperative to the security of the world at the Time of the Awakening, to embrace the Lemurian principles. It will bring a balance and stability to a planet spinning out of control from its own greed, avarice and false values. These will not be difficult things, but will be critical. The years will have brought great knowledge, but these records will instill great wisdom.

May your Hearts and minds be open and the Peace and Love of Lemuria be in your Spirit.’

This Spirit has arisen from the sacred mountains of Peru with much information for One of Lemurian roots …

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Etheric Golden Healer Peruvian Lemurian Lightbrary Quartz

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