#23029 Lovely, Matched Pair of Ammonite Halves - Eternal Spiral
Lovely, Matched Pair of Ammonite Halves - Eternal Spiral
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0.85” by 0.35” (at the wide end). The outside has been polished and is lovely shades of brown, humble and belying the splendor within. Inside, the ammonite chambers are hollow, yet if you check them with a 10X loupe, you’ll see an array of well-formed sparkling teeny crystals of calcite, all arranged in a spectacular spiral befitting this ancient gem from the sea. Interestingly, one half of the shell shows a “chain” connecting the chambers yet the other side does not! They are from Madagascar.

These are just incredible Spirits – I sat with one last night and was amazed. As I allowed the energies to mesh with mine, I became aware of vast ocean beds and strange creatures teaming in the depths. I saw the seas recede and the vast alluvial plains form with huge mountains in the distance. There were creatures appearing on the land – time moved like a conveyor belt and there were meteor showers, incredible ice, wondrous auroras. Star peoples visited, and humans emerged and evolved – all was there and all caught in an amazing and heady mesh of time. How I enjoyed this journey and when I asked for this Spirit’s message, she said it was to understand the true nature of change … well in keeping with the repeating spiral nature of its expression! What a gift!

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Lovely, Matched Pair of Ammonite Halves - Eternal Spiral

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