#23030 Mysterious Shaman's Smoky Quartz Cluster with Black Tourmaline
Mysterious Shaman's Smoky Quartz Cluster with Black Tourmaline
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This mysterious smoky quartz cluster weighs 9.9 oz and measures 4.5” by 3.2” by 1.5” and is from Brazil. His base is matte and although healed, is golden-healer stained. He is a cluster of small smoky points equally sharing the space with crystals of black (schorl) tourmaline. All of the crystals are highlighted with a bit of frosty (and sometimes golden-healer stained) film on one side or edges of the crystals. Although the crystals are washed and scrubbed before their photoshoot, this coating does not come off but it adds character to the cluster by defining each point. The cluster, although unusual, is in excellent condition and would make a wondrous addition to your special small altars or meditation spaces.

This Spirit teaches us about the importance of transforming our dreams into reality – about the need to listen intently to that “little voice” inside, needing expression. His tourmaline aspects offer protection and truth within the process. He brings with him secrets of times, long ago, when Shamans used such Spirits to recognize the sacred in everything. They saw the beauty and mystery of Dragonfly and Eagle and River and used their sacredness in balance with the Shaman’s own. When balanced, the world took on an entire new dimension and magic. The mysterious films facilitated contact with the unseen and the seen. Work with this Spirit daily as he shows us that we are all Shaman and have important roles in this Life’s expression.

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Mysterious Shaman’s Smoky Quartz Cluster with Black Tourmaline

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